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Corporate Gift Giving
Corporate Gift Giving

Supplet is the perfect gift for an expecting mom or a new mom or dad. Gifting a Supplet membership to your employee going on maternity leave is a great way to stay connected.

Get in touch today to discuss how Supplet can help your organization to give Supplet memberships and/or gift cards on a corporate level. We can offer bulk discounts and special programs. We also offer Healthy Pregnancy and Family Presentations to employees. Please get in touch with Jessica at [email protected] or by phone at (877) 252-4374.

About Supplet

We help women celebrate their pregnancies! Our monthly gift boxes filled with premium products are a fun-yet-practical way to pamper expecting mothers. Our first product was a monthly gift box (service) filled with carefully vetted, thoughtful, and helpful products and services for pregnant women. Now we are also offering mom and baby products. Not only do we pack our monthly Supplet boxes with luxurious and healthy gifts that enhance a woman’s mom experience but we also include important information that can help change the mom-to-be’s and her baby’s life in a profound way.

“Supplet is the best baby shower and/or mom gift you can get a new mom.” - Rachel

“Supplet is all about getting new moms off on the right  foot. Your presentation was life changing!  - Melanie

“What a long lasting gift! I was so touched that my organization got this gift for me!” - Lulu